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Feb 15, 1-4 PM: Pain Management without Surgery

Body aches and pains keeping you down? Do you want to trade in your feet or your knees?? Wendy L. Williams, BSN, M.Ed. is a nurse specializing in pain matters and has great non-surgical options to get you out of pain! Come and see her and talk about Plantar facsiitis or Morton’s neuroma or tissue/joint pain where you are staring down at a surgery… hold off and come and talk with Wendy!

Wed, March 6, 7PM Marathon Prep

Running Boston this year?!?!? We are so excited for you!!!!! As the big day approaches everyone at PR Running and Platinum PT are rooting for you. With all the hard training, extreme weather conditions with winter training, nutrition, etc. we understand that injuries are prone to happen as your body works to get you to that starting line. Doctors of Physical Therapy, Kim and Julianne from Platinum PT in Hopkinton will be coming to PR Running on March 6th . They will be talking to you about the importance of staying injury free as you finish the last 6 weeks of training. Learn about proper stretching, strengthening, and rest you should be getting to do your best on race day. Please come with running questions that you may feel are related as our experts can offer their advice to you. Both Kim and Julianne have experience running high school through college, and have completed various marathons including Boston and Chicago

Thurs. March 21, 6:30 PM ChiRunning with Jean Gillis

If you have been curious about ChiRunning now is the time to check it out!

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Group Runs will Resume in March…Stay Tuned!

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