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We are open 7 days a week:

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At PR Running we have been fitting runners and walkers for more than 10 years and take great pride in the service we offer our customers.  We strive to fit every customer properly by performing a gait analysis and listening to each person who walks through the door.  We are passionate about running and walking to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  We are committed to helping you choose footwear that will help you get the most out of your exercise routine.

We serve you best, because we are like you. 

We are a diverse set of runners at PR Running.  Some of us are avid marathoners and some of us run for fitness.  All of us want to help you in your fitness journey

Great customer service is our one and only goal. 


Rich Allen
Marathon experience:  Rich began cycling and running after college, and ran his first marathon in 1998. He’s run four more marathons, 9 half’s and 16 10 milers, since then. At the end of 2012, Rich logged approximately 21,000 miles for his running career! When he’s not running his business, Rich coaches track for the Tri-Valley Frontrunners and chases his kids around outside, all the while listening to his favorite band Rush.

Reason for running: Rich and his wife Jess opened PR Running in Westborough in 2004 out of a shared passion for running. Seven years and two children later, Rich said he’s finally had the time to run consistently. He trained for a half marathon last fall. “It was the most I’ve trained since I’ve owned the store,” he said. Rich loves running Boston because of its historical significance as the oldest annual marathon in the world.  “The crowds are fantastic. There’s a certain kind of celebration on that day,” he said. “And the course is definitely challenging. You can’t get ahead of yourself. In Boston if you’re not patient, you really pay.”

Training Tip:  Rich suggests running a half marathon first before contemplating a marathon. “People new to the sport don’t have enough understanding or appreciation of what it takes,” he said.  “Give yourself a good six months after finishing a half marathon to train and run a full marathon.”



Experience: Jess has completed 3 marathons of her own and often feels like she’s done another after caring for her two kids each day.  Running for 25 years, Jess sees running being as much about mental health as it is physical health.

Goals: Jess’s desire is for customers to get the undivided attention they deserve when they walk through the doors of PR Running.  Having a passion for reading and the outdoors, Jess and her husband Rich always want runners, walkers and those having trouble finding solutions to their footwear needs to be comfortable in the store. They have created PR Running as a running hub for customers and community members to compare notes, check out local events and discuss all things running and healthy lifestyles.


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